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their stadium names are old trafford and the stadium wembly were Manchester United lost the euefa champions league vs barcalona 3-1

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Q: How were the stadiums of Manchester United named?
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When did Manchester united first begin?

They began as Newton Heath in 1878, then changed their named to Manchester United in 1902

What year was man united FC founded?

Manchester United was founded in 1878 (as Newton Heath). They were officially named Manchester United in 1902

Belfast airport is named after which formor Manchester united soccer player?

George Best.

Which team has their home ground named Old Trafford?

The team that has their home ground named Old Trafford is Manchester United.

Was Manchester united called newton heath?

yes Manchester united used to be called newton heath in the 1800's.

Belfast airport is named after which former manchester united soccer player?

George Best.

Who is a better team Manchester City or Manchester United?

manchester united

Who is the likely winner Manchester United or Manchester city?

Manchester United !!

Are you a Manchester United Fan if yes like this page Manchester United for real Manchester United Fans?

just in case. i am a manchester united fan. obvi

Which has won more football matches Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United have defifinately won more matches then Manchester City.

How many times did Manchester united win the priemiership?

Manchester City have never won the premiership.They last won the English League in 1968 when it was named the First Division.

Who is going to win beşiktash or manchester united?

Manchester United