How were chiefs elected?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: How were chiefs elected?
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Who elected chiefs in the iroquios confederacy?

They were chosen by the mother of the clan.

Who were the Iroquois pine tree chiefs?

the Pine tree Chiefs were elected by the clan mother, because of their special skills.

What type of government did the eastern wood lands have?

Elected chiefs and council.

Is it true that police chiefs are elected and the mayor usually appoints sheriffs?

No. A Sheriff is elected. A police chief is hired as any public employee.

Do Red Indian still have chiefs?

yes they do only i think they are elected like presidents or primeinisters.

Are sheriffs and chiefs the same thing?

Similar. While both can be the head of a law enforcement agency, Sheriffs are elected officials, and a Police chief is appointed to the position by the local government.

What is a sentence for chiefs?

The chiefs of the local tribes gathered for a meeting.I will inform the chiefs.

What is the definition of a city council?

The city council has passed several new laws.The tribal chiefs met in a council and planned their strategy.*noteThe word "council" is a group that meets, while "counsel" is an advisor, or to give advice.

Did the Cheyenne have chiefs?

yes the cheyenne did have chiefs

Is it chief's or chiefs'?

Chief's I assume. If you are referring to an item of a group of chiefs, you would use chiefs'

What is an example of the word chiefs in a predicate nominative in a sentence?

here is chiefs in a sentance with a predicate nominative:In pursuing the fire bug, the Fire Chiefs from three counties were is chiefs as a predicate nominative:In each tribe the strongest braves became chiefs.

Is Chiefs of the Offices correct?

No, it should be Chiefs of office