How thick is a football helmet?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A (gridiron) football helmet typically weighs between two and four kilograms (four to eight pounds) according to various gridiron helmet manufacturers.

In this weight is included the face masks which are compulsory at all levels of organised gridiron football. The face mask can account for as much as half of the total mass of a gridiron football helmet, but more typically accounts for around a third of the total.

On average, gridiron football helmets are the heaviest form of head protection apart from helmets for such purposes as deep-sea diving. This is because of the thick shells necessary to absorb the energy of the impact such that the headform acceleration exceeds 300g. The shell must also resist penetration of a falling 60 degree conical anvil with specific dimension.

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Depends on the brand of the helmet. Every shell is from a different mold. However all must meet NOCSEE standards to be used in competition. The folks at XO will be able to tell you more!

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A football helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment for football players of any ages. The exact dimensions of a pro football helmet are not made public.

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The diameter of a football helmet will be determined by the circumference of the head. A person with a head circumference of 23 inches wears a helmet with a diameter of 7.3.

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Q: How thick is a football helmet?
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