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Q: How rare is a hundred club Cristiano Ronaldo?
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Is ronaldo hundred club rare?

yes you idiot it is ronaldo is wonderful and a hundred club is to so whoever thinks it is you have no cents of hummer

What are some club penguin codes that are rare?

code for club penguin rare codes hah! i got a beyblade in club penguin the code is hw10cg132

Which Club Penguin cards are rare?

There's no rare cards.

Where is a rare pin on Club Penguin do not answer?

the lighthouse

Where is a rare pin on club penguin?

at the lighthouse

Is there anyone who was a rare account for club penguin?


Is the cactus pin rare on club penguin?

Yeah, it is pretty rare :) it was my frist pin.

What is the club penguin code for rare boa?

You can find these codes from the club penguin club. There are a list of the codes that you are interested in on the website.

Is the blue viking helmet on Club Penguin rare?


How do you make a rare account on clubpenguin?

You can't really MAKE a rare club penguin account, you have to have a club penguin account for a long time to gather items that might not appear again in club penguin and then you can brag to people about how you are a such a RARE penguin.Rare Accounts on Club PenguinSweetie, you don't make a rare account on Club Penguin, you need to EARN that. A rare account on a website is an account that has been on that website for the very beginning. Club Penguin started in 2005, so if someone were to join in 2005, they would be considered rare. If you want to be rare, you needed to join between the years 2005 and 2008. Rare penguins also have rare clothes that you cant find anywhere else in Club Penguin. I joined in 2008 as my username lala11103, but sadly, my account got banned forever because someone hacked me. I made a new account with the username laurlaur1111. I have been playing on laurlaur1111 for a year, and so what if you're not rare? You'll still have fun!- Liz_pop

How do you be rare club on penguin?

You have a lot of rare stuff like the beta hat.For exampmle,my account,Jeret3 is rare because he has a lot of stuff.Oh,and if you see me on club penguin,add me to your buddies list and visit my igloo.It's really cool!

What are some rare club penguin item codes?

There are no rare CP item codes. I know that for a fact.