How popular is fishing in UK?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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you can only really have a estimate on this, quote"I read that last year over one million rod licences of all types were sold" end quote in my estimation you could safetly say theres a lot more that dont buy the rod licences a good source would be to look at Environment Agency. Angling in the UK is often quoted as the highest participant sport there are estimated to be in excess of 3 million anglers in the UK You only need a fishing licence for coarse & game fish A licence is not needed for sea fishing

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It is indeed very popular as a pass time in the U.K.

Officially, its the biggest participant sport in the UK! (A participant sport being one where people actually take part actively, rather than say, watch football or cricket as a spectator)

I'm unsure of the figures, but the last official numbers I saw put ACTUAL anglers into several millions each week, countrywide!

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Accurate figures are impossible, but most 'official' figures put the number at around 3 - 4 million anglers in freshwater, and maybe 2 million more who fish in the sea.

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Q: How popular is fishing in UK?
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