How popular are Super Bowls?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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superbowls are the biggest game ever my packers won it three times.with the first two being superbowl 1 &2.anyways superbowl is a great championship they don't call it super for nothing but the very best games are when both teams run a close race.example bills and the giants they ran a close race until the field goal miss for 47 yards by Scott norwood.the final score was 19-20 good superbowl. its mainly popular because of the trophy and the ring.but i can wait till superbowl xliv good luck for everybody's team.but for my packers fans go pack go

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Q: How popular are Super Bowls?
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Which Super Bowls did the Broncos win?

Super Bowls 32 and 33

How many Super Bowls did the steerlers win?

6 Super Bowls

What is chris collinsworth stats in super bowls he played in?

What are rid collinsworth stats from the super bowls

How many Super Bowls have the Patriots gone to?

They have gone to 6 super bowls

Which teams have won two consecutive Super Bowl games?

There have only been 7 teams that have won consecutive Super Bowls :Green Bay Packers (Super Bowls I and II)Miami Dolphins (Super Bowls VII and VIII)Pittburgh Steelers (twice : Super Bowls IX and X, XIII and XIV)San Francisco 49ers (Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV)Dallas Cowboys (Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII)Denver Broncos (Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII)New England Patriots (Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX)

Has Washington or Dallas won more Super Bowls?

As of the 2008 season, Dallas has won 5 Super Bowls and Washington has won 3 Super Bowls.

How many Super Bowls did denver play in?

Two ... Super Bowls XXI and XXII (both losses) and Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII (both wins).

How many Super Bowls have the Colts been to?

they have been to 3 super bowls

Who did Troy Aikman play in the Super Bowls?

Yes, he played in 3 Super bowls.

How many Super Bowls do Redskins win?

The Redskins won 3 super bowls

How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady appeared in?

he has appeared in 4 Super Bowls

What 2 Super Bowls did LT win?

LT has won 0 Super Bowls