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I think he's 34

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Q: How old is Alex Rodriguez's birthday?
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How old is Alex Marshall?

Alex Marshall is 20. His birthday is June 28th.

How old is alex wolff in 20012?

alex is 14 and nat is 17 alex's bithday is november 1st. nats birthday is decemder 14th

How old is alex gaskarth in 2011?

his birthday is December 14th, 1987. he will be 24

When is Alex's birthday?

Alex Constancio's birthday is August 4th

How old is alex cimorelli?

Alex Cimorelli is currently 17. His birthday is August 30th.

How old is nat and alex wolf?

In 2011 Nat is 16 but 17 in December. Alex is now 14 because his birthday is November 1.

What is Alex Vincent's birthday?

US actor Alexander "Alex" Vincent is 36 years old (birthdate: April 29, 1981).

When is nat and Alex wolf birthday?

alex's birthday is November 1, 1997 nat's birthday is December 17, 1994

What month is Alex Wolff's birthday?

November Alex Wolff's birthday was November 1, 1997.

When is Alex constancios birthday?

Alex Constancio's birthday is August 4th

When is alex evans birthday?

His birthday is on July 30

When's Alex Wolff's birthday?

Alex Wolff's birthday is on November 1; he was born in 1997.