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Q: How much time from Barcelona to Madrid?
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Is Madrid or Barcelona closer to Morocco?

Madrid is closer, but not by that much.

What is the driving time between Madrid Spain and Barcelona Spain?

It is a long 6 hour drive from Madrid to Barcelona.

Where is Madrid Barcelona?

Barcelona and Madrid are in Spain.

What is Real Madrid v Barcelona all time record?

Last year Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 6-2.

How many times has Real Madrid beat Barcelona in football?

Barcelona Beat Real Madrid For 64 times

How many times did barcelona beat madrid?


Who is more popular real Madrid or Barcelona?

it is ofcouse Barcelona because Barcelona won Madrid 2 days ago 2barce-0, the first goal scored it the best player in the world Lionel Messi,and this was in their stadium at Madrid. 2nd time Barcelona won Madrid was at middle of the season (now we are at almost the end), it was at Barcelona stadium Camp Nou we won them 2-0 also so this year we are simply better than them. Infact i don't wana lie to you, I AM A LOVER OF BARCELONA AND A GREAT FAN TOO. But too bad for them we are better.

Is Barcelona richer than Madrid?

Barcelona are richer than Real Madrid.

How many times did real Madrid won Barcelona?

Real Madrid has 68 wins against Barcelona.

What are three cities on the coast of Spain?

The most famous ones are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, listed from largest to smallest. They are also the three largest cities in Spain.

Flight time madrid to Barcelona?

About 1 hour and 15 minutes.

When will barcelona and real madrid match start in bangladesh time?