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Football must be a pretty good way to advertise your company. We all know that Emirates sponsor Arsenal, AIG sponsor Manchester United, Samsung at Chelsea and Carlsberg at Liverpool. But did you know that Beko sponsor Watford or Fraser Eagle sponsor Accrington Stanley? Just how much money is to be made by sponsoring or advertising a team outside the top four?

With so much money in the game at this time in England, and almost all of it in the Premier League (with the exception of Queens Park Rangers), companies are falling over themselves to jump on the bandwagon and advertise their products and services through the game. They must think it is worth it because they are spending vast amounts of money in the process.

I thought it would be worth looking at the different ways companies can advertise with clubs, the cost of doing so and just what they might expect for their money

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Q: How much profit do soccer companys make?
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