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How much money a physical trainer makes each year depends on his or her education level and client base. Some trainers make just 20,000 dollars per year while some famous trainers can make millions each year.

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  1. Average Salary. The mean high school teacher's salary in the United States was $53,230 in May, 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Elementary P.E. teachers made a mean salary of $51,380 per year, the BLS reported. Salaries vary considerably in different areas of the country.
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Q: How much money does a physical trainer make a year?
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How much money a personal trainer make annually?

My butt6565

How much money does a lion trainer make per year?

350,000 or more

About how much money does a marine mammal trainer make per year?

Around 25.000thousand to 45.000 and sometimes to 55.000thousands.

How much money do you make in a year as a fitness trainer?

It depends how bad you want the money or if you work in a big company or free lance but they usually make at least 24,000-100,000.

How much money does a personal trainer earn?


How much does a McDonald's crew trainer make an hour?

i work at mcdonalds and as a crew trainer you make $10.60 not much then your making now

How much money does a dolphin trainer earn at start?

about $250

How much money do animator makes?

In 2012, the average annual wage in California was $38,430 with most people making between $19,650 and $70,410An animal trainer can make around $30,000-$250,000 per year. It depends on the animal they are working with, like if it is a dog then they will make $30,000-$50,000 a year. A trainer at Sea World can make around $200,000-$250,000.Well it depends on how long it takes to train the animal and how much money the trainer wants.

How much does Shamus trainer make?


How much money do physical therapy techs make?

anywhere from $8.00 to $10.00 an hour.

How much money does gymnast make?

Lesson are usually $50.00 each for a good trainer. You get to keep probably at least $25.00 then private lessons at peoples houses get to keep all the money.

How much money does a physical education teacher make in a week?

They make $400 to $500 a week depending on where they live.