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It's actually not that expensive unless you have to buy everything and start from scratch. Buying nets, balls, and any other supplies to make the court are the most expensive parts. If you are just playing for fun, you can buy a net at any superstore, and any kind of shorts and T-shirt will work. The volley balls can be found almost anywhere. If you want to play pro, you will have to pay a little more for a better court and better supplies.

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It depends on the type of volleyball.

For beach or sand volleyball, you need no special equipment to play. Shorts or a swim suit is really all you need. Maybe some sunglasses!

For indoor volleyball, you'll need athletic shoes in general, court shoes if you want better traction. Court shoes are shoes specifically designed to provide good traction and support on indoor courts. Athletic shoes can cost as little as $25 a pair, but volleyball shoes can cost up to and more than $100 a pair. I have only worn my volleyball shoes on pavement three times in the 2 years I've had them because they cost so much. So one part of the cost is how well you take care the equipment.

For indoor, you'll also want a pair of knee pads and maybe elbow pads, though elbow pads are rare. Knee pads can cost between $15 and $30 a pair.

So for indoor, to play casually, you'll probably spend $50 or so on shoes (if you don't have them already) and knee pads. If you grow into a more serious player, you could spend many hundreds of dollars on volleyballs shoes, warm-ups, bags, knee pads and other ancillary personal equipment.

Lastly, you'll want a volleyball. These vary in cost from $25-50 per ball. Do not skimp on the ball. Get a good ball from a reputable athletic goods company. If you are under 11 years old, you'll want what is called a volley-lite. This is a regulation sized ball for players 12 and under. If you are nearing 12 or are older, you'll want a regulation adult sized volleyball.

This is all assuming you are interested in playing with someone else's court, sand pit or beach. Nets, posts and the like will cost more than $200 just for the net and up from there.

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Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball 59.99

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If you get pro volleyball player you can make around $50 000 - $100 000.

Top player 3-5 times more.

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Q: How much money do you make playing volleyball?
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