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Q: How much is a Derek Jeter greensboro hornets 8 inch bobblehead worth?
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Did Derek Jeter play for any team in North Carolina?

Yes. Derek Jeter played Class-A minor league baseball for the Greensboro Hornets for part of 1992 and all of 1993. The team is located in North Carolina, they're currently known as the Greensboro Grasshoppers.

Did Derek Jeter play in minors?

No... He played in Pee-wee but not minors. Then picked up baseball again in Pony League. Yes he played for four teams in the minors. The only team i know of is the Greensboro hornets back int 1992

What minor league baseball team did Derek Jeter play for?

it was something monarchs i forget that's why i am asking this question

What is the birth name of Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter's birth name is Derek Sanderson Jeter.

What is Derek jeter's real name?

Derek Jeter

Does Derek Jeter have a baby?

No, Derek Jeter does not have a baby.

What is Derek Jeter's real name?

Derek Jeter

Is Gary Jeter Derek Jeter's brother?

No. Derek Jeter doesn't have any brothers.

Where can articles about Derek Jeter be found?

Click on the 'Derek Jeter Articles' link on this page to find out more information about Derek Jeter.

Does Derek Jeter have any childran?

No, Derek Jeter does not have any children.

Is Derek Jeter alive?

Yes, Derek Jeter is alive and well.

How did Derek Jeter change history?

Derek Jeter did not change history.