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Q: How much is Michael Jordan's upper deck Gatorade's signed 12 card set worth?
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1998 Upper Deck Gatorade NBA Dreams?

I have a Michael Jordan Card set that appears to be signed....does anyone have more info? I have the same set and they are NOT real signatures.

How much is 12 signed gold Michael Jordan upper deck cards?

They are not signed, the signature is embossed, meaning it was done in the factory. The set is a gold foliage, not really gold. They are on ebay from a starting bid of $8 to a buy-now price of roughly $50.

What is the value of a 1984-1985 upper deck Michael Jordan rookie card made in 1995 card number 137?

since it was made in 1995 and not signed, but is his rookie card, i would say around a buck.

What raw materials make jordans?

Air Jordans are typically made from a combination of materials such as leather, rubber, foam, and synthetic fabrics for the upper, midsole, outsole, and other components. These materials are selected for their durability, flexibility, and performance characteristics to create a high-quality athletic shoe.

How much is a 1978 Michael Jordan signed high school football upper deck postcards worth?

hi i have been told around $17500 i hope this helps hi i have been told around $17500 i hope this helps

What is the value of lunch box Michael Jordan?

no value of michael jordan's lunch box upper deck

How much is a Michael Jordan limited edition 1998 upper deck signed gold card worth?

they are worth around 450.00 to 600.00 bucks

What is the price for Michael Jordan upper deck playoffs card?


How much is a Michael Jordan upper deck coin worth?


How much is a Michael Jordan 1993 upper deck 438 worth?

The average value of the Michael Jordan Major Attractions Upper Deck 341 car is between one and two dollars.

How many Upper Deck baseballs did Mickey Mantle sign?

Mickey Mantle Upper Deck BaseballsI don't believe the information on how many baseballs he signed for Upper Deck is available but, a Mickey Mantle single signed baseball typically sells for about $400-$600. Mickey Mantle was under contract with the Upper-Deck company before he passed away, and baseballs that have the Upper-Deck hologram could sell in the $1,000-$1,500 price range.

Upper deck Michael Jordan 1997 influence card worth?

about $.75