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$303 Million dollars so far:

He got a 1 million dollar signing bonus in 1993 after Seattle drafted him.

He made $433,333 in '94, 95 and '96.

He signed a 4 year, 10.7 million dollar contract that covered '97, '98, '99 and '00

He then signed a 10 year, 252 million dollar contract with Texas.

He waved his no-trade clause allowing himself to be traded in '04

At that point he had received $69 million of the 252 million dollar contract.

He also agreed to defer 45 Million dollars until 2011-14

He opted out of the deal after 2007, having received:

$10M in signing bonuses

$116M in salary (not including the 45 million that was deferred.)

He signed a new 10 year deal after the '07 season, and so far has been paid:

$4M in signing bonuses (6M to come by '15)

$91M in salary (174M to come, by 2017)


He has 'marketing bonuses' for hitting significant home runs:

6 million for 660 (passing Willie Mays)

6 million for 714 (passing Babe Ruth)

6 million for 755 (passing Hand Aaron)

and 6 million for tying AND for passing the ML record (currently Barry Bonds)

So... by the end of 2010, he has made $303 million dollars.

By 2017, will have made ANOTHER $225 AND could make ANOTHER 30 million

if he breaks all the home run records.

If all goes well for him, he'll make $558 million dollars then likely retire.

Not bad for throwing a ball around all day *8-P

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Q: How much has Alex Rodriguez earned in his entire baseball career?
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