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Q: How much for Eli Manning autographed hat?
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How much does a hat cost in Zimbabwe?

Eli manning

How much is a Mario Lemieux autographed hat worth?

Autographed hats are not real desirable in the collectors world. I would estimate its value at about $40.

How much is an autographed hat signed by john elway and terrell Davis worth?


How much is an autographed Philadelphia Eagles hat worth?

it matters who its signed by but in average $50-$125

How much is a an autographed Back-4-More Hat by Michael Jordan worth?

about 50 bucks.

What is the value of a Chase Utley autographed hat?


How much is a rare Chicago Bulls vintage sports specialtie snapback hat autographed by Michael Jordan worth?

very rare

How much would an autographed hat signed by Lori Kane be worth?

Try ebay, a sports collector or a sports memoribilia auction.

What is the value of a tiger woods autographed nike red hat?

As much as the market will pay for it. It won't go for much unless you have a COA and find the right buyer.

Autographed Yaz Boston Red Sox hat?

$389.66 retail

What is the value of a Utah Jazz team autographed hat?

Probably nothing

What is a Chris Ledoux autographed hat worth?

Anywhere from $200-$600.