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Q: How much does walkers crisps pay Gary lineker?
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Aims and objectives of walkers crisps?

the aims of walkers is to make as much profits as possible

How much money does Gary Lineker get paid?

Too Much

How much money does Walkers crisps make a year?

£ 500,000,000

How much did a 6-pack of Walkers Crisps cost in 1997?

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How much fat is in a walkers crisps packet?

there is 8.2 g/ 12% of fat and 131 calories in a pack of roast chicken crisps

How much calories in walker crips?

They are 174 calories in a regular pack of walkers crisps. Hope this helped. E-A.H

What brand of crisp has the most energy?

All crisps are high in fat, salt, and starch (unless they are baked and then there's not so much fat). So none of them are a source of energy.

How much exercise do you have to do to burn off a packet of salt and vinegar walkers crisps?

salt and vinegar crisps are very high in saturated fats. I'd recomend a 10 mile run, followed up by an hour and a half of heavy weight training, then maybe 30 minutes of swimming. you dont want to get fat now do you.

How much protein in a pack of crisps?

A typical pack of crisps contains very little protein, usually less than 2 grams per serving. The main components of crisps are carbohydrates and fats, with protein being a minor component. If you're looking to increase your protein intake, it's best to seek out other protein-rich snacks or foods.

How much packets of crisps should you eat a day?

should children be eating packets of crisps

How much does crisps cost?

1-100 Another Answer: WHO KNOWS. COUNT EM YOURSELF A good deal less than there used to be, and a damned sight less than the size of the packet would suggest! Depends on the brand and type of crisps I guess... I know you only get about 22 scampi fries in a bag, and about 30 bacon fries! Walkers ready salted have between 28 & 35, most brands of pork scratchings have around 15, and you get LOADS of Wotsits!Another Answer: Because potatoes come in various sizes thus producing different sized crisps and the fact that fried crisps break in the tumblers used to salt and flavour them then there is no real answer for this question, on average you COULD say you get between 20 to 30 crisps, but because they are always broken we then weigh them to usually around 25 grams to 35 grams depending on variety and manufacturer. please dont ask how many grains of sugar you get in a kilo!my 2nd edit: in a 25gram bag of walkers multipack bag of salt n vinegar i had 125 pieces of crisps including smal bits and crisps!

How much is a packet of crisps?

How much money is a packet of crisps!!!!!!!!!