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NFL players are paid an agreed upon amount in their signing contract - they're not paid play-by-play or on a merit system.

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Q: How much does a player receive for sacking a quarterback?
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How much money does a quarterback each year?

it depends if he is a good player or not.

How much money does a player receive for going to the super bowl?

they receive $200,000.

How much does an NFL player get paid?

they receive 50%

How much pension does a football player receive?


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How much do the cowboy players get paid?

It depends on how much each player makes. A star player such as quarterback Tony Romo is going to make much more money than a first-year player who primarily serves on special teams.

How much money does the super bowl ring cost that every player receive?

It varies

Baseball salary for each player that wins the 2008 World Series?

How much does a player for the world series receive.... win or lose..?? thanks

How much does a Super Bowl quarterback get paid?

$ 600,590,000

How much does NFL player Cam Newton weigh?

The average quarterback benches at least 225.

How much should an NFL quarterback weigh?

At least 210.

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