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My .32 cal. mold produces pure lead round ball that weigh about 47 grains or about .107 oz.

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Q: How much does a 32 caliber round ball weight?
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How much does a 36 caliber round ball weight?

A 36 caliber round ball typically weighs around 80 grains or 5.2 grams.

How much black powder per shot for a mountain Stalker 54 Caliber?

It is a Mountain Stalker. You should contact customer service, and get an owner's manual for your rifle. A .54 caliber rifle will use ABOUT 80-90 grains of black powder per shot. The exact load will depend of whether you are shooting round patched ball, Maxi-ball, or sabots.

How much does a 50 caliber round cost?

Ball ammo for the .50 BMG on the civilian market sells for about $3.50- 4.25 per cartridge. I have no idea what the military pays per cartridge, but it would be less than that.

Which is a bigger caliber a 40 or a 45?

Assuming the question is in regard to firearms and ammunition, you can read the "caliber" of a round as a decimal how wide the bullet is in inches. So a .40 caliber round is .4 inches wide, or about 10.16 millimeters wide. A .45 caliber round would be .45", so a little bit fatter than the .40 caliber round. The caliber doesn't tell the whole story of a round though, it doesn't say how long the bullet is, how heavy, how big the casing behind the round is, how much kinetic energy is hits with, etc. The .40 S&W round has an average of 425 ft/lbs of energy right at the muzzle, while the .45 ACP, a "bigger" round, has about 400 ft/lbs.

What is the difference between 40 caliber and 45 caliber?

.40 Smith & Wesson is a 10x22mm cartridge, whereas the .45 ACP would measure 11.65x23 in metric measurements. The .45 is a larger round, and also a much slower round.

How much a raquetball ball weight?

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how much does a ball weight?

156-163 grams

How much is a 44 caliber cap and ball pistol worth?

Depend on who made it and is it an original or Italian copy.

How much does the smallest bowling ball weight?

6 i think

How much is the standard weight of ball?

The standard weight of a regulation basketball is 22 ounces.

How much does the Rohm GR10 22 caliber short barrel weigh?

You will need to weight it. No specification sheets on line.

How much is the weight of a regular soccer ball?

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