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you do get paid for playin for England but im not sure how much it is i think it will be £100.000 plus that's the average amount

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Q: How much does Wayne Rooney earn a week for England?
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How much does Wayne Rooney earn a week?


How much did Wayne Rooney earn in 2009?


How much money does Wayne Rooney earn?

about £7million

How much does Wayne Rooney earn from lucozade?

1 million pound

How much times has Wayne Rooney played for England?

He has 58 England caps.

How much does the highest paid athlete earn?

Wayne Rooney - £250,000/month

How much Wayne Rooney earn per week?

2p every year

How much does Wayne Rooney earn per month?

he gets paid 11 million a month

How much Wayne Rooney earn in a week?

Rooney new weekly salary is 250,000 pounds a week, the old one was 90.000 pounds a week.

How much trophies does Wayne Rooney have in the past years?

wayne rooney has about 16

Why doesn't Wayne Rooney wear 10 for England?

"Wayne Rooney does not wear the jersey numbered 10 . As the No 10 jersey was given to Michel Owen much earlier." Wayne Rooney wore the No.10 shirt against the Ukraine? Has he taken over the number from Michael Owen?

Who is better Lionel messi or Wayne Rooney?

It is Messi , but they bth do well for their clubs Rooney scores for England as well.