How much does Tom Brady per game?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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5/7/2005: Signed a six-year, $60 million extension through 2010. The deal included $26.5 million in bonuses that were paid in the first two years.

2007: $720,000 (+ $5.28 million "signing bonus")

2008: $5 million (+ $3 million roster bonus)

2009: $5 million (+ $3 million roster bonus)

2010: $3.5 million (+ $3 million roster bonus)

2011: Free Agent.

Cap charges: $7.326 million (2007), $14.626 million (2008).

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Q: How much does Tom Brady per game?
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What is the average number of touchdowns per game?

Tom brady

How much does Tom Brady make a week month and year?

Tom Brady makes approximately $115,384 per week, $500,000 per month, and $6,000,000 per year.

How much did Tom Brady make in the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady's salary in 2002 was $ 375,000, and he received $ 712,833 as a signing bonus. In addition Brady earned an extra 45,040 in bonus incentives that year. In total Tom brady made $1,132,873 in 2002.

How much money do NFL players get paid per game?

One example; Tom Brady (Patriots) last season earned $10million (a year)

How much money does Tom Brady make per TD pass?

tom brady doesnt get paid for each td pass, he gets money through his contract

How much is Tom Brady making?

$18 million per year for four years.

How tom money tom brady gets?

Tom Brady is currently making 18 million dollars per year

How many yards in a single game were thrown by Tom Brady?

He averages 238 yards per game in 111 career starts

How much money is guaranteed in Tom Brady s contract?

10 million dollars per year guaranteed.

Does tom brady have apartment dwellings in NYC renting 40000.00 monthly?

does tom brady have apartment dwellings in NYC renting for $40,000./per month?

Who makes more Bill Belichick or Tom Brady?

Brady. Belichick earns some $4 million per year; Brady earns over twice that.

What is Tom Brady pay is?

Ten Million dollars per year not including bonuses.