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it matters on how many Athletes like to drink gatorade soem don't like to and some do it is a matter

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2million cold hard cash

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Q: How much Dwight Howard make for his Gatorade's commercial?
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How much Does Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic Make a year?

18.25 per year

How mush does Dwight Howard get paid?

How much Dwight Howard makes with the Rockets varies depending on his commercial contracts but is estimated to be around $19 million dollars for the 2013 year. He could make more with advertising contracts.

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How much does Dwight Howard make per game?

1,000 dollars per game but say somebodys contract is a 80 million 5 year deal they would make about 900,000 dollars.

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NBA player Dwight Buycks made $700000 in the 2013-2014 season.

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