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Q: How medical history affects health and sports perfomance?
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What is one outcome of the AC-A's Patient Bill of Rights?

Everyone can get health insurance, no matter their medical history

How do you abbreviate the term medical history?

MH is sometimes used as an abbreviation for "medical history." To distinguish it from "mental health," the abbreviation PMH for "previous medical history" is more commonly used.

What has the author Ka-che Yip written?

Ka-che Yip has written: 'Disease, colonialism, and the state' -- subject(s): Colonialism, History, History, 19th Century, Malaria, Health Policy, Medical policy, History, 20th Century 'Health and national reconstruction in Nationalist China' -- subject(s): History, National health services, Medical policy, Public health administration, Medical education

How often should a patient's medical health history be updated?

a year

What has the author Padraig O'Morain written?

Padraig O'Morain has written: 'The blue guitar' 'The health of the nation' -- subject(s): History, Medical care, National health services, Public health, Medical policy

What has the author Charles R Stark written?

Charles R. Stark has written: 'Health log' -- subject(s): Family, Forms, Health and hygiene, Medical history taking, Medical records

What is the definition of medical records?

Medical records is the collection of information about the health of the patient. The medical history(allergy,symptoms),past surgery,medication,prescription,vaccination and immunization are maintained in the medical record.the information might be written or stored in electronic format.Documentation of the medical reports and health information.

What does the medical abbreviation MH mean?

Depending on context, MH can mean Medical History, Mental Health, Mental Hospital, or Military Hospital.

What has the author Linda Lorraine Nash written?

Linda Lorraine Nash has written: 'Inescapable ecologies' -- subject(s): Environmental health, History, History, 19th Century, History, 20th Century, Medical geography, Public health

Can health insurance companies share medical history?

The privacy of your medical information is governed by the laws of your state as well as federal law (HIPAA). In some circumstances, it may be possible, for the new insurance company to obtain information about your medical history from your old insurance company. Generally, however, health insurance companies obtain information about a new applicant's medical history by requesting medical records from your doctors or hospitals. To learn more about the rules governing your medical privacy, contact your state's Department of Insurance or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which provides an FAQ on privacy.

What is one outcome of the ACAS patient bill of rights?

Everyone can get health insurance, no matter their medical history

What does a health history provide?

In addition to identifying data, chief complaint, and review of systems, a comprehensive health history also includes factors such as a person's family and social life, family medical history, mental or emotional illnesses or stressors