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That would depend on the type of pass play the team is running.

QBs don't use yards to determine how far to go back in the pocket, they use steps. You will see a QB drop back 3, 5, or 7 steps to throw depending on the pass play called. It is always an odd number of steps because the first step is made with the QB's plant foot. A right handed QB's plant foot is the right foot, a left handed QB's plant foot is the left foot.

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Q: How many yards back does a quarterback go before throwing the ball?
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Is there a limit as to how far back a quarterback can stand in shotgun formation?

I believe the quarterback should stand 4-5 yards.

Who gets the rushing yards on an option play?

That would depend on when the ball was lateralled to the running back. If the ball was lateralled behind the line of scrimmage, the running back would be credited with all of the yards. But if the ball was lateralled past the line of scrimmage, the quarterback would be credited with the number of yards he had gained before lateralling and the running back would be credited with the rest. Example: Ball is at the offense's 30 yard line. Offense runs an option play. The quarterback gets to the 32 yard line and laterals to the running back who gets knocked out of bounds at the 45. The play gained 15 yards. Since the quarterback lateralled the ball at the 32, and the original line of scrimmage was the 30, the quarterback would be credited with 2 yards rushing and the running back would be credited with 13 yards rushing.

Is Brett Favre the oldest quarterback playing?

yes Brett favre is the best quarterback ever

A quarterback take the ball from the line of scrimmage back 16 yards then throws it 40 yards forward what is the balls displacement?

The displacement would be 24 yards from the line of scrimmage. The distance traveled would be 56 yards.

Who has the most rushing yards as a quarter back in the NFL?

In a career, Randall Cunningham holds the record for rushing yards by a Quarterback with 4928. Michael Vick does hold the single season record with 1039 yards.

What is the name of the line players must stand behind before the ball is snapped?

Quarterback and running back

Which position delivers the ball to the quarter back in football?

The center delivers the ball to the quarterback. center

What is the easiest way to do a back handspring?

Stretching your back and wrists. You don't want to get hurt. Back bridges are a great thing to do before throwing a back handspring.

How far can cam newton throw the football?

Cam Newton is known for having a strong arm and is capable of throwing a football up to 70-80 yards in ideal conditions. However, the distance a quarterback can throw a football can vary based on various factors such as arm strength, technique, weather conditions, and physical condition.

Is Richmond football club bad at football?

No, There line averages about 225 pounds and there running back is a black 6 foot 8 inch 250 pound behemoth. He averages about 280 yards rushcing a game. There quarterback can throw about 80 yards

What if an onside kick bounces back?

As long as it goes 10 yards before bouncing back it is a legal kick

How do you do a play action fake?

A 'play action fake' is football jargon for the quarterback faking a handoff to a running back and then throwing down field. So you, as the QB, would do a play action fake by faking to hand the ball off to a running back and then dropping back to throw.