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Q: How many wins has Ohio State University had in the March Madness?
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When and who started March Madness?

Harold Olson Ohio state

Who was in the finals basketball college game of March Madness?

Duke and Butler last year but this year it will be UCONN and Ohio state

What year did march madness start?

March Madness, which refers to a basketball fever phenomenon, originated in Illinois in the late 1930's. The expression first appeared in the Illinois Interscholastic, the IHSA's magazine, in 1939.

What teams are in the March Madness sweet 6?

Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan State, Florida, Marquette, Baylor, Xavier, Cincinati, Ohio State, Kansas, North Carolina State, North Carolina, Wisconsin

When does Ohio state university's winter quarter 2011 end?

11 March 2011

Where is the University of Ohio located?

* Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute Wooster, Ohio * Ohio State University: Columbus Campus Columbus, OH * Ohio State University: Lima Campus Lima, OH * Ohio State University: Mansfield Campus Mansfield, OH * Ohio State University: Marion Campus Marion, OH * Ohio State University: Newark Campus Newark, OH

What city is The Ohio State University in?

The Ohio State University is in Columbus, OH.

Who has more NFL players Ohio state university or lsu?

Ohio state university

Is Ohio state university a public or private institution?

Ohio State is a public university.

What is the big ten university in Ohio?

Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

Is Ohio state university religious?

If you are asking if the university has a religious affiliation, no it doesn't. Ohio State is a public university.

Who has the better band Ohio state university or University of Kentucky?

Ohio State has the best band