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82 games unless there is a tie, 16 teams play in the playoffs

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82 games in a season but the 2011-2012 season was shortened to 66 games because of a lockout

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There are about 36 weeks or 9 months in a regular NBA season.

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There are 34 weeks in the NBA season.

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Q: How many weeks in an nba basketball season?
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How many basketball games are there in the 2012 NBA basketball season?


How many games are there in a basketball season?

an NBA regular season consists of 82 games.

How many games pro basketball?

82 games in an NBA season.

What was the agreement for the NBA basketball season?

The agreement is that the nba season will start on Christmas.

Is there a nba basketball season during the summer?

There is a summer league for rookies, but no real basketball season.

What sports are in basketball season?

all of them. all 3 main ones. NHL starts a couple weeks sooner. The MLB world series is happening while NBA season begins. And the NFL season is only into its 7th week when the NBA season starts. and if you're Canadian, then you might care that the CFL regular season has a few weeks left while the NBA is beginning and then playoffs of course.

How many basketball games are played in a regular basketball season?

82 games in the regular season for each NBA ball club

When does the NBA basketball season start 2014?

Preseason? October 9th Regular Season? Oct 30th

What season does NBA Basketball start?

fall.... maybe

Who won Basketball?

Many NBA teams have won the Champoinship for the season. Mostly the Boston Celtics and the Lakers have won.

Will the 2011-2012 NBA season start anytime soon?

this is basketball season so yes

How long has Amare been playing basketball for?

He is in his 8th season in the NBA.