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Q: How many touches of the ball can a team have in volley?
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How many times out are there in volley ball?

3 per team

How many players in beach ball?

Well normal volley ball has 4 people on a team, so I'm guessing that it would also be 4 people on a beach volley ball team.

What if the ball goes out on a serve in volley ball?

If the ball goes out after you serve it in Volley Ball them the other team gets the point if they didn't touch it when you contacted the ball and it went over the net. But if the other opposing team touches the ball and it goes out of play then the other team gets the point when the ball was contacted from the other team and they couldn't get to the ball fast enough.

How many volley ball players make a team?

9 players per team

How many shots can each team take in volley ball?


What is it called when one team reaches 25 points first in volley ball?

If you serve the ball, and nobody touches it on the opposing team, it is called an "ace".

Is there a volley ball team in the summer?


When do you rotate on the volley ball court?

after your team loses posession of the ball

What is a volley in volley ball?

When the ball continuously goes from one team to another without any fouls or points being scored.

Does volley ball have an Australian team?

yes Australian deos have a team i wated them

What is the difference between a forearm and volley pass in volleyball?

a forearm is when u try to get the volley ball up so the other team won't get it back on time to ur team and a volley is when u pass the volley ball law then the other team should do the dig which most of people forget all the time

How many points does each team have to get before wining q volley ball game?

21 points