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Q: How many times have manly won the compertition?
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Who won the compertition to meet JLS on x-factor?

Alexandra Burke..i think..x

Who won more grand finals manly or eels?

Manly has won seven premierships, greater than the eels grand total of four.

Who won the 2007 nrl grand final by how many goals?

Melbourne Storm beat Manly 34-8

Who won the Rugby league in 2008?

Manly Sea Eagles.

Who won the 2008 nrl premiership?

Manly Sea Eagles

How many grand finals has Manly sea eagles won and the years?

7 1972 1973 1976 1978 1987 1996 2008

Who won the premiership in 1996 for the rugby league?

manly warringah sea eagles

How many times Did Ronaldo won player of the year?

he has won it a billion times

How many times have arsenal won the epl premiership?

they have won it 3 times

How many times Liverpool have won English league?

They have won it 18 times.

How many times have the redsox won the world seris?

They have won seven times.

How many times has aregentina won the world cup?

they won 12 times.