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0 ... the two teams have met 3 times, all in the Gator Bowl (1982, 2005, 2010), and Florida State won all three games.

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Q: How many times have West Virginia beaten Florida State Seminoles in football?
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Has Florida state seminoles ever beaten Oklahoma sooners at football?

Once ... in the 1965 Gator Bowl by the score of 36-19.

How many times has UF beat FSU in a row?

The Florida Gators have beaten The Florida State Seminoles 7 Times in a row.

How many times has Florida beaten Florida state?

It's probably best if you specify the sport.

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Through the 2008 season, that was November 29, 2003 when Virginia defeated Virginia Tech, 35-21, in Charlottesville. Virginia Tech has won 9 of the last 10 meetings between the two schools.

When was the last time the Florida Gators beat the Auburn Tigers football team?

Saturday, November 26, 2005.The Florida 'Gators beat the Florida State Seminoles 34-7 in Gainsville, Florida.As much as I am a Seminole fan(Go Noles), I say that the Universty of Florida Gators are better but I still love the Florida state Seminoles.

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Anyone know if the Kentucky wildcats football team has ever beaten the Florida gators?

Through the 2008 season, Kentucky and Florida have met 59 times in football with Kentucky winning 17 times and Florida winning 42 times. The last time Kentucky beat Florida was November 15, 1986 in Lexington by the score of 10-3. Florida has won the last 22 meetings and 28 of the last 29.

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