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Q: How many times have Preston north end won the fa cup?
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Was the winner of the FA Cup in 1938?

Preston North End was winner of the FA Cup in 1938.

Was the winner of the FA Cup in 1889?

Preston North End was the winner of the English FA Cup in 1889.

What werer fa cup winners in 1889?

The FA cup winners in the year 1889 were Preston North End.

What team won the fa cup in 1938?

The team that won the FA cup in the year 1938 is Preston North End.

What werer fa cup winners in 1938?

The team that won the FA cup in 1938 was Preston North End in England.

How many times has North Korea won the world cup?

they have won no times

Who won the fa cup final between west ham and Preston north end?

west ham

What is the biggest score in one game in the fa cup?

preston north end 26 - 0 hyde united

What English football club won the first double?

Preston North End, 1889 Division One and FA Cup Champions in that same year.

How many times has the World Cup been won by a team from North America?

its been cut the e timesthesfgststtsststst

How many times have they been held in America for the world cup?

The World Cup has been held in North America 3 times (Mexico twice, USA once), and South America 4 times (Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile).

How many times have north Korea been in the world cup?

Including their appearance in 2010, twice. Their last appearance was in 1966.