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they have never won the premier league but have won 18 English league titles before the formation of premier league in 1992.

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Q: How many times has Liverpool won epl?
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How many times has Liverpool won Chelsea in the EPL?


Who won EPL 2009?


Did arsenal won 2002 EPL?

Arsenal won the EPL for 2001-2002 season and Liverpool was the runner up.

How many times have arsenal won the epl premiership?

they have won it 3 times

How many times did arsenal have won the epl?


How many times has man united you won epl?

Man United have won the Premiership 19 times, with their last title being this season (2010/2011). They have officially overtaken Liverpool as the most successful club in England.

How many times has Liverpool won the barclay premier?

Liverpool have never won the title in the Premier League era.

Is Liverpool a bad club?

yes they are no doubt about they havent won the EPL over 20 years

How many times Liverpool have won English league?

They have won it 18 times.

How many time Liverpool football club won charity shield?

Liverpool have won it 15 times (5 times out these it was shared)

How many times has Liverpool Football Club won the Champions League?

5 times

How many times have Liverpool won the premiership?

18 times, mate.