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Q: How many times has Didier Drogba scored against Manu since 2009?
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Who has scored the most goals against arsenal since the premier league started?

didier drogba with 13 goals

How many goals has Drogba scored for Chelsea in all competition since joining the team?

the answer is 53

Who is the premier leagues best player?

Fernando Torres The reason is since ronaldos departure he is the best. He will win the golden boot.

Most goals scored by African player in English premier league?

It will be held by Drogba of Chelsea, he has scored at least 25 goals each year., since he joined Chelsea in 2004.

Who is better drogba or Fernando Torres?

Well, Drogba has scored 144 goals for chelsea since 2004. he is the sixth highest scorer for the club of all time. In 2006 he was the African footballer of the year. Torres scored around 77 goals in his time at Liverpool. However, he does play for international Spain.

Who is the top non-European gaolscorer since the Champions league began in 1992-93?

To almost no-one's surprise, it's Lionel Messi (Argentina). Up to the end of last season, Leo had scored 51 times in the CL. He's way ahead of 2nd-placed Didier Drogba (Cote D'Ivoire) who has 39, with Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon) in 3rd with 27.

How many goals has Fernando Torres score against Chelsea in the premier league since he came in the league?

He has scored no goals against Chelsea but he has scored 5 in 32 appearances for them

How many goals did steven Gerrard scored against eveton?

since his debut gerrad has score 7 goals against man united

How many goals has drogba score for Chelsea since he came there?

edrogba 157

What is the most points scored in an nba game by a single player since 1980?

Kobe's 81 against the Raptors a couple years ago

Who is the best player in football in England?

Jordan Quaye is the best. Didier Drogba is the best. Wayne Rooney is supposedly the best since he won player of the year in 2009/10 but I would say Frank Lampard

Who has scored most goals in a season since dixie dean?

Dixie Dean scored 349 goals in 399 League appearances, and 28 goals in 32 Cup appearances. He scored 18 goals in 16 international appearances.