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There are 20 teams playing a home and away game against every team making 38 Premier league matches a season. On top of this there is also Carling Cup and FA Cup matches aswell as European matches (Champions League and UEFA cup) for those teams who qualify

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All teams in the Premier League play 38 league games. 19 at home, and 19 away.

They all also take part in the yearly FA Cup competition and the League Cup.

Some teams play in either the Champions League or the Europa League depending on their previous year qualification and finish.

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20 teams play in the Barclays Premier League:


2.Aston Villa

3.Birmingham City

4.Blackburn Rovers


6.Bolton Wanderers




10.Liverpool (WHOOP!)

11.Manchester City

12.Manchester United (BOO!)

13.Newcastle United

14.Stoke City


16.Tottenham Hotspur

17.West Bromwich Albion

18.West Ham United



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38. there are 20 teams in total.each club plays the other 19 clubs twice a season.

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Q: How many times does each team plays the other team during the premier league?
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