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You can steam your head over a bowl as many as three times in a single day to help get rid of a bad cold.

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Q: How many times a day can you steam your head over a bowl for to help rid a bad cold?
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Is steam good for curing a cold?

Steam does have some minor health benefits, for the sinuses and for the skin. As far as curing a cold goes, it could contribute somewhat to clearing a blocked nose. This is done by filling a bowl up with boiling water and hanging your head over it, with a towel over your head so as to catch as much steam as possible. You should try breathing through your nose while you are doing this, and it should melt the mucus so the extent that it can be blown out.

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How should patients do steam inhalation?

After the oil is added, the individual should lean over the bowl of water and place the towel over head to trap the steam. After approximately three minutes of inhaling the steam, with eyes closed, the towel can be removed.

What kind of cold is it if you have a stuffy nose coughing sneezing and a headache?

This is most probably a cold which developed into brocnhitis and thus causing you to cough for such a long time. Phlemn is common with bronchitis and to solve it you should put your head under hot steam (shower steam) to open up your bronchi.

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Is there an immediate cure for a running nose?

if nose bleed then block the gushing nostril with fresh tissue and tilt head back. if feeling sick apply firm pressure with fingers to right wrist, tapping or pressing down hard. if you have a cold, try and get a bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head and have your face take in the steam, nose will probably run more, but after 10 minutes, blow nose hard and cold should go after. :)

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there are loads of ways to get rid of spots my favorite ones are: 1. Steam, get a bowl of boiling water and put a towel over you head and lean into the bowl the stean opens your pows and then wipe away the spots. 2. face maasks 3. eat propperly 4. wash

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