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Pakistan has got 2 times in world cup final and won 1 and lost 1

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Q: How many times Pakistan qualified in world cup final?
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How many times has Pakistan played in the World cup final?

Pakistan has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals.

How many times did Pakistan qualified for the final of t20 cricket world cup?


How manytimes didpakistan qualified for final of cricket world cup?

2 time Pakistan qualify for the final of world cup,1st time in 1992,and 2nd time in 1999.

How many times has Brazil qualified for the football world cup final?

Brazil have qualified for each world cup since 1930 . a total of 18 times.

How many times has Pakistan played final in cricket world cup?

Two times

How many times did India qualified for final of cricket world cup?

India has qualified for finals for thrice.Out of which India won twice.

Who reached the semi finals of cricket world cup 1999?

No ,the teams which qualified for the semi final are Pakistan,new zealand,australia and south africa

How many times did Pakistan win the world cup?

Pakistan have won the field hockey men's Champions Trophy three times out of the 30 competitions held so far. They won the inaugural title in 1978 in Lahore (Pakistan) and also the second, in 1980 at Karachi (Pakistan). Their next and last title win was in 1994, at Lahore (Pakistan).

How many times have australia qualified for the soccer world cup?

17 times best result in 2006 pre quarter final!

How many t20 world cup qualify by Pakistan team?

i think Pakistan had qualified every world cup , but i am a bit confused

Which team qualified for world cup cricket 2011 for quarter final?

Pakistan ,West Indies, India ,Australia,South africa ,New Zealand,Sri Lanka,England.

Which country was runner-up in the world cup final of 1999?

Pakistan was runner-up in the world cup final of 1999.Pakistan lost the final from Australia.Australia won by 8 wickets.