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7 (3 on each arm and one on his right leg)

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Q: How many tattoos does Brandon Rush have?
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How tall is Brandon Rush?

Brandon Rush is 6' 2".

What is the birth name of Brandon Rush?

Brandon Rush's birth name is Brandon Edward Benjamin Smith.

When was Brandon Rush born?

Brandon Rush was born in Richmond, in Virginia, USA.

How many tattoos dose kendall have from big time rush?

He Has 2

How many boys in Big Time Rush have tattoos?

just kendall

What are tattoos on Detroit tiger Brandon inge's arms?

Brandon Inge's tattoos are the names of his sons. Chase on his left arm and Tyler on his right.

What NBA team does Brandon Rush play for?

Brandon Rush plays for the Utah Jazz.

What position does Brandon Rush play?

Brandon Rush plays shooting guard for the Utah Jazz.

How much does Brandon Rush weigh?

NBA player Brandon Rush weighs 233 pounds.

What is Brandon Rush's number on the Utah Jazz?

Brandon Rush is number 25 on the Utah Jazz.

What college did NBA player Brandon Rush play for?

NBA player Brandon Rush played for Kansas.

How much money does Brandon Rush make?

NBA player Brandon Rush made $4000000 in the 2013-2014 season.