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The Patriots have been to 7 Super Bowls. They are 3-4 in Super Bowl play.

Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears - 46 (Jim McMahon, Brigham Young University)

New England Patriots - 10 (Tony Eason, University of Illinois)

Location: Louisana Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Date: 1/26/1986

MVP: Richard Dent, DE, Chicago

Head Coaches:

CHI - Mike Ditka

NE - Raymond Berry

Super Bowl XXXI

Green Bay Packers - 35 (Brett Favre, Southern Mississippi)

New England Patriots - 21 (Drew Bledsoe, Washington State)

Location: Louisana Superdome, New Orleans LA

Date: 1/26/1997

MVP: Desmond Howard, KR-PR, Green Bay

Head Coaches:

GB - Mike Holmgren

NE - Bill Parcels

Super Bowl XXXVI

New England Patriots - 21 (Tom Brady, University of Michigan)

St Louis Rams - 19 (Kurt Warner, Northern Iowa)

Location: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Date: 2/3/2002

MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England

Head Coaches:

NE - Bill Belichick

STL - Mike Martz

Super Bowl XXXVIII

New England Patriots - 32 (Tom Brady, University of Michigan)

Carolina Panthers - 29 (Jake DelHomme, Southwestern Louisianna)

Location: Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX

Date: 2/1/2004

MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England

Head Coaches:

NE - Bill Belichick

CAR - John Fox


New England Patriots - 24 (Tom Brady, University of Michigan)

Philadelphia Eagles - 21 (Donovan McNabb, Syracuse)

Location: Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

Date: 2/6/2005

MVP: Deion Branch, WR, New England

Head Coaches:

NE - Bill Belichick

PHI - Andy Reid


New York Giants - 17 (Eli Manning, Mississippi {Ole Miss})(Tom Coughlin)

New England Patriots - 14 (Tom Brady, University of Michigan)(Bill Belichick)

Location: U. of Phenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Date: 2/3/2008

MVP: Eli Manning, qb, NY Giants

Head Coaches:

NE - Bill Belichick

NYG - Tom Coughlin

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Well the Patriots have only won 3 superbowls and played in 6

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Q: How many superbowls did patriots play in?
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Did Tom Brady ever play for the Oakland Raiders?

Yes, Brady was selected in the NFL draft by the Patriots in 2000 as has played for them his entire career.

How many perfect seasons do the patriots have?

One in 2007 haha wrong answer buddy

What Super Bowls did the patriots win at home?

They were the designated home team in their wins in Superbowls XXXVI and XXXVIII

What colors will the patriots wear for Super Bowl?

The patriots arethe home team for Super Bowl 46 so they have the choice. The last 3 superbowls they have chosen to be blue.

What DOES the New York Giants and the New England Patriots share with the raiders and the redskins?

They have all played in at least four Superbowls.

Which nfl team has the most Super Bowl wins in 7 year period?

The team to win the most superbowls in a time of 7 years were the New England Patriots with 3 superbowls in the seasons of 2002, 2004, and 2005.

How many football games have the New England Patriots won?

They have won 426 regular season games, three Superbowls, and 21 additional playoff games, for an aggregate of 450 wins.

Who is better the colts or the patriots?

Head to head the Patriots are better with 44 wins to only 28 wins head to head by the Colts (including playoffs). The Patriots are also better in overall performance with three Superbowls in their history to two for the Colts.

How many superbowls have the vikings lost?

They have appeared in 4 superbowls and lost all 4.

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What is streak of the patriots at the Super Bowl?

The patriots have once won two superbowls in a row, they won superbowl 38 32-29 against the panthers, and they won superbowl 39 24-21 against philadelphia.