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Only 21 states and 1 district have football teams in the NFL.

Arizona - Arizona Cardinals

California - Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers

Colorado - Denver Broncos

District of Columbia - Washington Redskins (although they actually play in Maryland)

Florida - Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Georgia - Atlanta Falcons

Illinois - Chicago Bears

Indiana - Indianapolis Colts

Louisiana - New Orleans Saints

Maryland - Baltimore Ravens

Massachusetts - New England Patriots

Michigan - Detroit Lions

Minnesota - Minnesota Vikings

Missouri - Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams

New York - New York Jets, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills

North Carolina - Carolina Panthers

Ohio - Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee - Tennessee Titans

Texas - Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys

Washington - Seattle Seahawks

Wisconsin - Green Bay Packers

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Football teams are not named after states in College Football. Rather, the teams represent colleges and universities and are referred to by the name of the school (for example, "Michigan" is the football team from the University of Michigan and "Florida State" is the football team from Florida State University).

Most "flagship" institutions (major public universities with the name of the state in its title) sponsor football programs.

The notable exceptions are Vermont and Alaska. Other than that, the other 48 states have at least one football program at an institution which has a name that includes the name of the state (and many have more than one).

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49 do, Alaska doesn't have a college football team

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Q: How many states have a football team?
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