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Robert Reese Neyland (February 17, 1892 - March 28, 1962) was an American football coach and also served the U.S. Army, reaching the rank of General.

He was born in Greenville, Texas and was appointed to West Point by Congressman Sam Rayburn, graduating in 1916. He was a football and Baseball star during his time there. He was commissioned as an officer in the Corps of Engineers and served in France during World War I. After the war he served as an aide to Douglas MacArthur, then superintendent at West Point, and became an assistant football coach. Wanting to continue coaching, he became Professor of Military Science at the University of Tennessee. He became head coach of the Volunteers in 1926. He coached the team for nine years before being called to military service for one year in Panama. He then retired from the military in favor of coaching and returned to Tennessee.

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Q: How many star general was General Robert Neyland?
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