How many seats are in the green monster?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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There are 278 seats on the Green Monster.

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Q: How many seats are in the green monster?
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Can you sit in the green monster seats to watch redsox batting practice?


What month and year did the green monster seats debut at fenway park?

April 2003

What years were the Monster seats and Budweiser Seats added?

Monster 2003, Budweiser 2004

Original price of fenway green monster seats?

Less than a hindred bucks each. dont recommend getting them...

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the green party has no seats a the current time

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How many seats does the green party have in 2012?

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Year that the monster and Budweiser seats were added at fenway?

Monster 2003 Budweiser 2004

How do you translate 'green monster' into French?

Green Monster in French is 'Monstre Vert'.

When was Green Monster - novel - created?

Green Monster - novel - was created in 2008.

When did they start calling the Green Monster the Green Monster?

Because it is the biggest wall in the majors and it is green The question is not WHY, but WHEN.

Who was wally the green monster named after?

wally the green monster was named after the green wall, in fenway park