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A "duck" is a score of zero (0), from the comparison with an oval duck's egg.

In other uses, the slang term for zero is "a goose egg."

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no runs are scored for a duck.

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Q: How many runs in cricket give you a duck?
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Which bird means no runs at cricket?


What is duck in cricket?

if a person gets out at 0 runs

Most balls faced in Test cricket for a duck?

Dale Styne 28 balls 0 Runs

What is a duck in cricket?

A duck in cricket is when a batsman goes into bat, scores no runs, and is then out again. A golden duck is when a batsman is out on their first ball, and a diamond duck is when an opening batsman is out on the first ball of the match.

What does sachin do other than cricket?

Sachin runs a restaurant Tendulkar's,in Mumbai. You get to see a lot of cricket memorabilia at the place. You also can have Sachin's fav dish, Bombay Duck at Tendulkar's

How many runs made rahul dravid in test cricket?

13288 Runs.

Why is a batsman who make no runs at cricket said to be out 'for a duck'?

When a batsman has scored no runs, a zero is written in the scorebook against his/her name. This zero resembles the look of a duck's egg hence the term "out for a duck". When a batsman is out for a duck in both innings of a match, the batsman is said to be "out for a pair". This is not because he has a pair of ducks but because the two zeroes side by side look like a pair of spectacles hence "out for a pair".

What sport are you playing is a maiden is bowled over or someone is put for a duck r?

Cricket ,a Maiden refers to a bowler , bowling usually 6 times (an Over) without conceding a run , a Batsman is said to be out for a Duck when he is Bowled out for no runs.

What is a silver duck in cricket?

out first ball Clean Bold on very first ball of Test cricket match, 2ndly newley come bowler and batsman. then first ball of both opposit player. Clean bold its called Golden duck

How many runs did Don Bradman get?

Bradman scored 6996 runs in total in test cricket.

How many runs did Ravi Bopara score in the cricket on Sunday?


How many runs has been scored by Kevin Pietersen in the Test cricket?

Kevin Pietersen has scored 6,361 runs so far in Test Cricket. (Updated figure as on 22.08.2011).