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There are four Quarters in a Basketball game

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It really depends on what league you play in, but you can play either 4, 6 min. quarters, or 2, 20 min. halves.

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Q: How many quaters in a basketball match?
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How many break's are in a basketball game?

4 quaters 1 break between each quaters, then longer break at half time

Were basketball quarters ever 15 minutes?

they never had 15 minute quaters

How many replacements players can we have in a basketball match?

No Limit.

How many minutes in a quarter of Texas high school basketball?

8 minutes

How many total minutes are in a basketball match?

six minutes

How many basketball period is in the match?

A wrestling match has no periods or halves like most sports .........

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How many breaks are there in basketball?

There are 4 quarters; breaks between each quarter, then a longer break at halftime.

How many players are on a basketball match?

if you are playing for a match,only 5 person can a team there are 11-13 players..

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