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According to, the following players from Purdue were on NFL rosters at the start of the 2007 season: Mike Alstott - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Akin Ayodele - Dallas Cowboys

Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

Rosevelt Colvin - New England Patriots

Ray Edwards - Minnesota Vikings

Gilbert Gardner - Tennessee Titans

Brandon Gorin - St. Louis Rams

Nick Hardwick - San Diego Chargers

Landon Johnson - Cincinnati Bengals

Niko Koutouvides - Seattle Seahawks

Matt Light - New England Patriots

Gene Mruczkowski - Miami Dolphins

Rob Ninkovich - Miami Dolphins

Uche Nwaneri - Jacksonville Jaguars

Chike Okeafor - Arizona Cardinals

Kyle Orton - Chicago Bears

Shaun Phillips - San Diego Chargers

Bernard Pollard - Kansas City Chiefs

Jacques Reeves - Dallas Cowboys

Stuart Schweigert - Oakland Raiders

Anthony Spencer - Dallas Cowboys

Craig Terrill - Seattle Seahawks

Jeff Zgonina - Houston Texans

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Here's a partial list: Len Dawson, Bob Griese, Mike Phipps, Gary Danielson, Scott Campbell, Mark Herrman, Jim Everitt, Jeff George, Kyle Orton, Drew Brees. I'm sure I am omitting some. Jeff george played at Illinois.

Good answer ... thanks to Pro Football Reference I found a couple obscure Purdue QBs:

1) Bob DeMoss, 2nd round choice of the New York Bulldogs in 1949, who played 3 games for them in 1949.

2) Wayne Gift, undrafted, who played 1 game for the Cleveland Rams in 1937.

Add Curtis Painter to the list (drafted by Indianapolis Colts in 6th round of 2009 NFL Draft). And please for goodness sake take Jeff George off. He left Purdue after his freshman year in which he played a total of 7 games and completely sucked and subsequently firing of Leon Burtnett (then coach of Purdue.)

No real Boilermaker would walk out on his team to go play for another school. His attitude was as bad then as it was when he joined the NFL. And no true Boilermaker would view him as one of their own.

One could argue that Cecil Isbell should be on this list too, though Purdue played a single wing when he player there (1935-37). Isbell not only played in the NFL but also coached professionally and at Purdue. He held the Green Bay Packers passing record for many years, and also set a record for the NFL.

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Through Week 6 of the 2009 season, I count 10:

1) Drew Brees - started 106 games for the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints between 2001-2009.
2) Scott Campbell - started 13 games for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons between 1984-1990.
3) Gary Danielson - started 60 games for the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns between 1976-1988.
4) Len Dawson - started 157 games for the Kansas City Chiefs between 1962-1975. Hall of Famer.
5) Jim Everett - started 153 games for the Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, and San Diego Chargers between 1986-1997.
6) Jeff George - started 124 games for the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, and Washington Redskins between 1990-2001.
7) Bob Griese - started 151 for the Miami Dolphins between 1967-1980. Hall of Famer.
8) Mark Herrmann - started 12 games for the Denver Broncos, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts, and San Diego Chargers between 1982-1992.
9) Kyle Orton - started 34 games for the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos between 2005-2009.
10) Mike Phipps - started 72 games for the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears between 1970-1981.

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Q: How many purdue quarterbacks started in the nfl?
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