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sugar maple

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Q: How many points does the real maple leaf have?
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Where would you see the maple leaf?

In real life: on a maple tree. Then it became part of our flag.

How many AR points is Heaven is for Real?

6.0 points

Is a fifty leaf clover real?

The 40 leaf clovers are real and can be found in Ireland.

Why is maple story offline?

Because maple story sucks, go play a real game.

Could diluted maple syrup still be 'real'?

Diluted maple syrup is still considered real, however it isn't a pure grade. This type of syrup would be classified as Grade A. Grade B maple syrup is the real undiluted version, however it is much more expensive.

Is a magic leaf real?


Why do you think artificial maple syrup cost less than the real thing?

why do you think artificial maple syrup costs less than the real thing?

What does a walking leaf look like?

A walking leaf, also known as a leaf insect, looks like a dried leaf with vein-like markings on its body. It has evolved to mimic a real leaf as a form of camouflage to evade predators. When moving, it may sway back and forth to mimic the motion of a leaf blowing in the wind.

How is a pine needle different from a maple leaf?

They are needles, not leaves. ---An Answer-- Actually needles are leaves and they serve the same purpose. The only real difference in the two are their physical appearance and the the types of trees that produce them. Leafy tress are referred to as "Deciduous" and will lose their leave in the fall of the year when the weather turn cooler. Tress that produce needles are referred to as "Evergreen" trees and they will retain their needle like leaves year round.

Which company offers a buyer the opportunity to purchase a home in Brampton?

Real estate agents who sell property in the Brampton, Ontario area are Old Mill Realty, Summit Realty, HomeLife Maple Leaf Realty, Century21 and Central Realty.

Is mii outfit c real?

No it's fake because you can't get 15000 points. Maybe wIth a hack you can get that many points.

What is the difference between maple flavoring and maple extract I have a recipe for fudge that calls for maple flavoring and I would like to use maple extract can I do this.?

Maple flavoring is part or all artificial flavor and extract should be the real thing. Either one will work.