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There are three (3) twenty (20) minute periods of regulation time and an unlimited number of twenty (20) minute overtime periods to follow if necessary.

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Q: How many periods are in the Stanley Cup final?
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How many Stanley Cups have the Florida Panthers won?

Zero. The Florida Panthers have never won the Stanley Cup, but they did get to the Stanley Cup Final in 1996.

How many regular season games are needed to put name on Stanley cup?

41 regular season games or 1 Stanley cup final game.

When is the Stanley Cup 2012?

The Stanley Cup Final is usually played in late May and early June. The exact dates are yet to be determined since they will depend on the length of the individual playoff series that precede the Stanley Cup final.

What is the most overtime periods played in the Stanley cup playoffs?


Who has the most losses in the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Detroit Red Wings have the most Stanley Cup Final series losses with 13.

Who won the 1934 Stanley Cup?

In the 1934 Stanley Cup final, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Detroit Red Wings in 4 games (3-1) to win their first Stanley Cup.

Is the Stanley Cup final always played in June?


Have the Winnipeg jets ever been in a Stanley cup final?


Is it possible for the Vancouver Canucks to play The Detroit Red Wings for the Stanley Cup?

No, it is only possible for a team in the West Division to play a team in the East Division in the Stanley Cup final and since both the Canucks and the Red Wings are in the West, they cannot play each other for the Stanley Cup. However, the Canucks can play the Red Wings in the Western final, which decides which team from the west will play in the Stanley Cup final.

Why was the final game for the 1919 Stanley Cup canceled?

No Stanley Cup was won in 1919 due to the flu pandemic, also known as the Spanish flu.



Who did the Canadiens play against in 1993 Stanley cup final?

The 1993 Stanley Cup Final Championship series was contested by the Los_Angeles_Kingsand the Montreal_CanadiensCanadiansto decide the NHL championship. It was the Kings' first appearance in the Final, the 34th for Montreal, and their first since the 1989_Stanley_Cup_Finals. The Canadians won the series 4-1 to win the team's twenty-fourth Stanley Cup.