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It wasn't Babe Ruth's bat. It was Shoeless Joe Jackson's bat...but it weighed about 40 ounces.

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Q: How many ounces did Babe Ruths bat Black Betsy weigh?
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How many ounces did Babe Ruth's famous baseball bat black Betsy weigh?

42 ounces Sorry but Black Betsy was the name of Shoeless Joe Jacksons bat. It was given that name since he rubbed it with oil to give it a black appearance. Babe Ruth's famous bat was called the War Club and it weighed 54 ounces.

How many oz did Babe Ruths baseball batBlack Betsy weigh?

There are two main things you notice when you pick up these bats. One, they're big. The Ruth and Shoeless Joe bats are 36 inches long and weigh 38-48 ounces, depending on whose scale you trust. Next, with the exception of the Ruth bat, the handles are much thicker than modern bats.

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