How many matches in a volleyball set?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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There are 2 sets unless each team wins one set, then there is an additional set to determine who wins.

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2 matches are in a vollyball set so stop asking dumb questions like this and get a life

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Q: How many matches in a volleyball set?
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How many matches in volleyball?

best 3 out of 5 sets/ in 1 set it goes to the first to 25 points , win by 2

How many choices are there after toss in volleyball matches?

You can play pepper

How many points are the first two matches played to in volleyball?

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and the score has never started at 4

How many volleyball matches where played in the common wealth games?

in Delhi 2010 commonwealth games,volleyball event was not,not a single match was played

How many people like volleyball vs swimming?

This question is a simple matter of opinion, not fact. However, it was been shown that more people watch volleyball matches on their tv than swiming competitions.

How many subs per set are allowed in a match of volleyball?


What is the length of a volleyball?

Well if your asking how much is the time that volleball lasts, IT HAS NO TIME! It is the first team to get to 25 points on 11-12 categories and up and 21 points from 1-2 categories until 9-10( talking about age) so yeah volleyball has no time :)hope this helped :D -afro Adri :)

How many 5 set matches so far in Australian Open 2012?

In the Austrailian Open 2012-2013 there were a total of 11- 5 set matches. This information was found on wikipedia, where there are also more statistics about the matches.

How many points does a volleyball set last for?

most games a set lasts for 25 points im 100%sure

How are matches made?

NCAA matches generally consist of a best out of 5 set match while high school volleyball is generally played to a best of 3 set match. The sets are played to 25 points without a point cap and the team must win by 2

Why would you set a volleyball?

You set a vollyball when it is above your head.

How much money do beach volleyball players get paid?

It all depends on how many matches they play. If they play so many matches they will earn so much money it depends on how much there sports agent allowed them to average. As of Nov 14 2011, The professional volleyball player's average salary is 69,000.