How many lakers fans are there?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Q: How many lakers fans are there?
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How many people can the lakers seat in the arena?

The Lakers can hold up to 19,000 fans in their arena.

How many fans does basketball have?

3 billion most of them like the celtics and some lakers

How many fans watch the la lakers game?

As the La Lakers is a very popular team world over , they do have a big world wide following.

Which do Boston Celtics fans hate more New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers?

Boston Celtics fans hate the LA Lakers more.

How many people have jumped on the Los Angeles Lakers bandwagon?

It is estimated that since the Lakers won the NBA title in 2009 over the Orlando Magic, there are approximately 1,396,523 new fair weather Laker fans.

Can someone tell me what are the Lakers fans are shouting during a game?

defense,defense, defense

How many championships have the Lakers gotten?

the lakers have 16

How many championadoes lakers have?

The Lakers have 16 championships.

Which NBA team has the largest fan base in the world?

i think it's the L.A. Lakers. When you search it on google or any other search engine (type "lakers fan site or lakers fan forum) you would see the numbers of websites link to laker's fans

Laker fans get free tacos?

When the Lakers win at home and hold the other team under 100 points, all fans in attendance get a coupon for two free tacos from jack in the box.

Why do people like the lakers?

because, statistically speaking, the Lakers win a lot of games which makes it easier for neutral basketball fans to like them. A gross amount of the nations population will root for a team just because they win a lot.

How many championships did lakers go with O'Neal?

The Lakers won 3 championships with O'Neal