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Bryan Robson made 90 international appearances for the senior England side between 1980 and 1991, scoring 26 goals.

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158 for Newcastle 18 for toulon 86 for England and 6 for the british and Irish lions

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Q: How many international caps does Bryan Robson have?
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How many caps did Bryan Robson get for England?

Bryan Robson made 90 appearances for the full England side, scoring 26 goals.

How many appearances did Bryan Robson make for Manchester United?

In 13 years between 1981 and 1994, Bryan Robson made 345 Premier League appearances for Manchester United, scoring 74 goals.

How many caps did cech get for Czech Republic?

He currently has 67 international caps.

How many players have won a premiership medal and also played for Middlesbrough Fc?

Bryan Robson and Jérémie Aliadière. Gary Pallister

How many caps has arsene wenger won?

No international caps. He only made 130 club appearances.

How many international caps has john terry won?


Football how many international caps has john terry won?


How many people have worn the number 7 shirt for Manchester united?

There were many who wore this shirt in the past, including George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. The current player who wears this shirt is Michael Owen.

What does caps mean in football?

A player is "capped" for each international match played. Some "friendly" games also count. A player who has played in 50 international matches has fifty caps.The originIt stems from the old days when the players were issued commemorative "caps" for the game; the term has simply continued, although the actual caps are no longer provided to the players.See related link, "International cap", for a photo of a cap.

What does caps stand for in soccer?

Cap stands for Country APearences. It signifies how many times a certain player has played for their country in international competition.

How many man utd players have managed premier clubs?

Steve Coppell, Roy Keane, Brian Kidd, Steve Bruce, Mark Hughes ____________________________________________________ Above are correct plus.... Paul Ince, Bryan Robson, Gordon Strachan, Ray Wilkins, George Graham, Stewart Houston (Arsenal caretaker manager twice 1995, 1996), Joe Jordan (Portsmouth caretaker manager 2005)

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Luke Bryan has 2 siblings his brother Chris Bryan and sister Kelly Bryan