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Q: How many home runs does Miguel cabrara?
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How many home runs did Miguel Cabrera hit in 2011?

He hit 30 home runs.

Which of these players hit the most home runs in 2005?

Miguel Cabrera

Who led the Baltimore Orioles team in home runs in 2004?

Miguel Tejada with 34.

Who hit the most home runs in opening day games at 8?

miguel cabrera

Who was the last Detroit tiger to lead the American League in home runs?

Miguel Cabrera with 37 in 2008.

Who leads home runs in 2008?

In 2008, National league player from the Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard led with 47 home runs. The American League player from Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera led with 37 home runs

Who has the most career home runs in comerica park?

Brandon Inge with 75. Miguel Cabrera closing in fast with 65

Does Miguel Cabrera still win the AL triple crown if he is tied with Josh Hamilton for the lead in home runs at the end of the season?


Who led Major League Baseball in home runs and rbis in 2012?

In 2012, Miguel Cabrera led Major League Baseball in home runs (44) and runs batted in (139). Cabrera also won the American League Triple Crown and MVP Award in 2012.

How many home runs does cal ripkin have in his career?

431 home runs

How many home runs dose Alex Rodriguez need to have more home runs then Barry Bonds?

177 Home Runs. Barry Bonds has 762 Home Runs while A Rod has 585 Home Runs.

How many home runs did David Ortiz hit in 2008?

23 Home Runs