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They have played a total of 6 games so far and Carolina Panthers are 1-5 vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Eight per regular season.

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Q: How many home games do the Carolina Panthers play?
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How many wins did the Carolina Panthers win this season?

the panthers have won 2 games in the 2010-2011 season

How many safeties does the Carolina Panthers have?


How many players are on the Carolina Panthers team?


How many times have Carolina panthers won the super bowl?

The Carolina Panthers have not won a Super Bowl. The Panthers did play in the 2004 Super Bowl, but lost to the New England Patriots.

How many Super Bowl's did the Carolina Panthers win?


Panthers Coach George Seifert was fired in 2002 for losing 32 games in how many seasons?

George Seifert won two Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers before coaching the Carolina Panthers.

How many regular season football games have the Carolina Panthers won this season 2009-10?

they won 8 games they beat the Redskins,Bucs,Cardinals,Falcons,Bucs,Vikings,Giants,saints

How many current Philadelphia Eagles players have played for the Carolina Panthers?

Two members of the current Philadelphia Eagles roster have played for the Carolina Panthers, G Evan Mathis and LB Jason Phillips.

How many Super Bowls did the Giants win compared to the panthers?

The New York Giants won 3 super Bowls, the Carolina Panthers none.

How many years has Carolina Panthers been in the nfl?

It was founded in 1995; so 20 years is the answer.

How many NFC Championship games have the Carolina Panthers played in?

As of the 2008 season, three: 1996-97: Packers 30, Panthers 13 2003-04: Panthers 14, Eagles 3 2005-06: Seahawks 34, Panthers 14

How many wins did the bears get in 2005?

The Bears were 11-5 in 2005. They were upset in the first round by the Carolina Panthers (29-21).